More Toys! What You Need To Know About Dog Toys. My Favorites!


>>Okay, so now you want to be able to play with your dog as well as have him play on his own.

There are so many choices available to dog owners, but you want to spend your money on quality, safe toys.

The following examples are some of my favorite toys for dogs. As a dog trainer and owner myself, I have been able to research products for durability, safety, and of course, play value.


Kong balls puppy kong tux toy holey moley planet dog orbee balls sphericon


>>These are some of the more durable balls that I have found. The Kong Balls are solid rubber and they bounce well. These are good for playing fetch. Kong has always produced an excellent product and you usually can't go wrong with any of them.

Choose a size that your dog will not be able to swallow or choke on. Balls are very transportable and you can play almost anywhere.

The Spericon and Holey Moley are made by JW Pets and are both durable and light. Dogs love to grab these toys and play tug. You can also put a Milkbone or other treat inside of the Spericon to keep your dog interested in playing and busy thinking.

Planet Dog makes a number of products that have a chew rating on them. The balls are lightweight and are great for throwing. An added bonus, the balls are scented with mint, so your dog will have nice breath. It is embedded in the rubber so it will not wash off.

Toys made of rubber are a good investment for any dog but especially for more aggressive chewers.

Nylon and Rubber Chewing Toys

Big chew bones Nylabone chew large nylabone wishbone rhino bone


>>These toys are made of nylon and are usually flavored to encourage your dog to chew. They also come in a variety of sizes and shapes that are designed to be worn down, or broken into pieces. Don't worry! If your dog eats a small piece of the Nylabone it won't hurt him. It will go right through his system without harming him. Make sure that you pick a size that cannot fit completely into his mouth.

Ropes and Fleece

fleecy clean ball rope toy rope with rubber ring

When choosing a rope toy, find one that cannot fit completely into your dog’s mouth and is large enough that he can’t chew it into pieces. Be careful if your dog gets pieces off and tries to ingest them. They can cause intestinal blockages or choking. Always supervise.

Stuffed or Vinyl Toys

happy face stuffy with rope long stuffy dogs Sheep Grunter ugly rubber chicken

So, here we are at the toys that are most appealing to us humans. Some are soft and sqeaky, fuzzy, furry, brightly colored or latex. There are dogs that really love them too, don't get me wrong. They like to carry them around or lick and cuddle with them. Other dogs want to kill it to get the sqeaker out! I have one of each of these types of dogs. This is really difficult to keep any of these creatures intact for very long. I don't purchase them very often, so they become a real treat for my dogs, temporary as it may be.

Caution must be used. THESE ARE NOT CHEW TOYS! They can tear easily and can be swallowed. The sqeaker part is also a choking hazard.

Your dog should never be left unattended with any of these.

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