Three years ago I viewed a bungalow and on the spot bought it. As soon as I walked through the front door, the dog of the house jumped into my arms and would not be put down on the floor at any cost!! Kelso and I decided it was love at first sight! He was fifteen months old at the time, and had been very badly treated by the females of the house. Half starved, kept in a carry case that was too small. He was in this from seven in the morning for nearly twelve hours or he was chained up and left on a freezing cold concrete step for hours till the little thing ended up with frozen front paws!! Or he was left to run the street and no-one cared. The neighbours regaled us with all the activities - especially when he was beaten outside the local shops. 

Then he met Sandi Strause!!  At first he was terrified of everyone, but the patience and love she gave him was wonderful to see. She taught him his manners, how to behave properly and all the rest of the dog training.  Thanks to her, Kelso is now a well adjusted and loving little boy, a good house dog, and makes sure he protects you when there is a noise he does not understand. Kelso is a golden Poodle/Bichon.

Just over two years ago I bought him a little playmate. Kane was six weeks old, a black Havanese/Bichon breed, and the two of them were instant pals. Kelso brought him up so well, and I hope it gave him back some of the puppyhood he lost out on. At just over three months old Kane, was mostly clean over night!! Because there was still snow on the ground, when they went out in the yard Kelso really looked after Kane, and made sure he did not get up to any trouble - it was wonderful to watch. Kane responded so well to Sandi in training, and both dogs just adore her.

I have always found Sandi to be very good with her training, and so patient with the animals. They certainly listen to her and do as she wants them to. I have recommended her to lots of friends and other people who have got themselves a dog or dogs, and have come back to me saying they are delighted with the way she works. Sandi is also very good at teaching the owners in a very polite way, just how to deal with their animals!!

The day care she had was always very clean and sweet smelling. After hours she could always be found cleaning floors and equipment, and generally making sure the place was alright for the next morning. If any of the dogs wanted to go outside, they could do this and all little 'presents' were gathered up immediately. At rest time she would sit on the floor and the dogs could have a cuddle with her, and all the dogs loved that.  

I have not seen a more devoted dog trainer than Sandi Strause. 

Yours sincerely, 

(Mrs)   Joan I. Anderson

I first met Sandi in 2006 when my dog Maxi and I attended her training class. I did not want to hire a dog trainer to train my dog for me, but my goal was for myself to learn how to teach the basic commands to ensure his safety, and to able to provide the leadership needed so he could be the happiest little dog he could be. Sandi not only taught basic commands, but was able to troubleshoot situations that occured with my dog as well as others in the class. She also gave me the tools to teach my dog fun tricks like play dead and roll over too! 

I have had to call Sandi on a few occasions for her guidance regarding different scenarios that my dog Maxi and I have encountered on one of our many outings. I was perplexed in how to deal with certain situations. Sandi's assessment each time has always been spot on, with her special ability to make a difficult situation so easy to understand the cause and effect, thereby providing real solutions.  

The training classes were held in the daycare facility. I had not heard of a doggy daycare, and did not know what it was all about. I was hesitant at first, and could not imagine leaving him somewhere without me. My little dog is my most precious possession. Maxi's wellbeing, safety and happiness are paramount to me. Sandi had explained that there was a strict screening process allowing only well socialized dogs without aggression issues, constant supervision, and her direct involvement in the play. She explained the benefits of increased socialization, as well as the added exercise he would receive. I thought a would give it a try, but was still very anxious. The first day he went, Sandi understood my concerns, and kindly took a video of him interacting and playing with other dogs. I saw that he had the best time, and was safe and secure, and in the presence of someone who truly cares, Sandi. It alleviated my fears, and became a true believer.  He attended Sandi's daycare on a weekly basis. He couldn't wait to go. It was not long before he fell in love with his "Auntie Sandi". I knew that he was in the care of someone who loved him and would protect him, while allowing him  the environment for him to play safely. When I would bring him home after a day in daycare, he would sleep for hours, completely played out. 

After the daycare closed, Maxi became depressed. I could tell that he missed his friends and his Auntie. I searched the other daycares throughout Edmonton and St. Albert. I can honestly say there is absolutely no comparison. It is as clear as night and day. It appears that the other daycares are in business strictly more monetary reasons, the care, safety, and happiness of the dog is not of concern, and in two daycares I felt them to be even a dangerous and harmful environment. The dogs in other daycares appear to be not properly screened for aggression, and left without supervision. The facilities are filthy, urine and feces everwhere, and the limited staff seem completely unaware of basic dog behaviour. I questioned the staff on numerous points,  I concluded that they all lacked  the ability to deal with any situation that could possibly arise. I have been unable to find any daycare even remotely close to what Sandi was able to provide, and for those reasons, Maxi has not attended any since. He sees his doggie friends on our walks, or when someone brings their dog to visit at my home, but it really is not the same. 

It is my sincere hope that Sandi is able to begin again with a new daycare, a sentiment that I know is shared by many of her former daycare clients. I look forward for Maxi to attend on a regular basis as well as the fun activity classes that would be available.I believe that Sandi truly cares for all animals, and shares a special connection to them, giving her a unique insight to get inside the mind , a true animal lover. I admire Sandi's ability, and trust her implicitly with my most precious possession, my dog. 

Sincerely,Lisa Groot

As first time dog owners, we were apprehensive about training, especially a larger dog.  Sandi empowered each member of our family to manage our pet and develop confidence in ourselves and our dog.  Her firm, yet gentle manner is very effective, especially with  children. The commands and gestures are simple and can easily be repeated and reinforced in various situations. Our youngest child has conquered all her fears of larger dogs and is now a role model in our home as she reminds us of the techniques we learned from Sandi.  I would highly recommend her program as it certainly helped our family adapt and embrace our new canine addition!  

Cheryl LaBuick

This is a testimonial to the fact that Sandi Strause has helped me in the training of my puppy. When she first came to my house she was very interested in getting to know my dog, Kujo, first before she even started anything. Then she asked what I wanted her to help me with and I said teaching him to sit and stay, as I was having trouble with that, and she gave me suggestions along with showing me how to achieve it. She would practice it with him and let me do it also before moving on to the next step.

The patience she had for Kujo a Jack Russel Poodle cross was amazing, as he is so hyper .

The next thing that was very good was how she showed me to get him to settle before we started in on any training and that consistency was the key to help him learn and again have patience.

She kept reassuring me that he was a very smart dog.

We had trouble getting him to take the DOWN command and Sandi spent a lot of time getting him to do just that even though Kujo was quite stubborn, when he finally got it she praised him so much what a good boy he was…………….

I am so thankful that I found her for the training, as Kujo is becoming a very productive part of the family, we had some draw backs but Sandi was only a phone call away and took the time to listen and direct us to what step to take to correct it.

Sandi has a lot of love for animals and patience, she seems to know how their little brains think and act towards learning. She wanted to make the training a fun time for Kujo not just a learning time.

Brenda Ramsay and Kujo