Leadership Rules That Show Your Dog Who Is The Leader

Great Dane and Chihuahua

Just the fact that you have made the effort to train your dog puts you in a better frame of mind to be a leader and be successful with your dog. He will appreciate the fact that he does not have to assume the role of leader.Leaders eat first. This means that the leader controls the food. (when, where, how much).

Leaders go through doorways first. This is also a safety issue.

Leaders stay calm and in control.

Leaders set the pace and direction. (heeling).

Leaders do not let their personal space be invaded.

Leaders say when play begins and ends.

Leaders do not beg for attention. (repeating commands).

Leaders do not offer free treats. (no free lunch).

Leaders assume higher ground. (beds, couch)

Leaders never change their direction or step over the dog.

Leaders assign resting spots for other pack members.

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