Need Help With Your Dog's Behaviour?

Life is so much more pleasant with a well behaved dog!

Have you seen those dogs who respond willingly and instantly to their owners in any situation? Do you know the secrets?

First, let me explain my methods for training dogs. My bias involves using the least confrontational approach possible and advocate the use of positive reinforcement and negative punishment techniques. This includes the presentation of, or the withholding of, highly valued rewards to produce the results you are looking for. It may sound complicated, but using these methods help to increase your understanding of your dog and how you can communicate better with him.

One of the reasons for this method is that these techniques are effective and more forgiving than other techniques which involve physical corrections, as in the old school methods. I have found that the dog is more compliant when you are using positive methods for shaping and verbal communication.

This creates a relationship built on positive interaction and consistency and can often nip (pun intended) future behaviour issues in the bud, making learning quicker and redirect current undesired behaviours.

Using a balance of meaningful rewards, consistency and patience these techniques are humane and effective and help to build a proper canine/human relationship.

I have been a professional trainer for much longer than I care to admit, and one of the best rewards for me has been to see the pleasure that owners get from owning a well behaved and balanced dog that is welcomed by other people and dogs. In general, being a good citizen. (I have not seen in any bylaw or legislation that dogs cannot be considered a citizen, have you?)

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Train Your Dog the Positive Way

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Train Your Dog the Positive Way
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