Dog Tales - The Funnier Side of Dog Training

Here are my true stories in Blog form, of my life with dogs, from childhood to the present. I will have stories about dog training and tales from the Doggy Daycare owner side of things. I like to concentrate on the lighter side of a situation and the stories will reflect this. Sit, Stay and read for a little chuckle. Anyone who has had a dog, knows a dog or even is just interested in dogs, will find something of interest here.


This is a page where I get to toot my own horn and show you what people think of my training methods and how well they work!

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Playing Soccer With A Scottish Terrier - Painful!

This painful experience happened at my doggie daycare. I would play with basketballs or soccer balls with the dogs that did not play fetch. I had no idea how "talented" Scottish Terriers are at soccer.I had been running full tilt with the dogs chasing me as I dribbled the ball with my feet. Out of nowhere I was suddenly on my way down to the floor! I hit my nose on the ball, broke it, (my nose, that is) and ended up with a mighty headache! There was the Scottie right in front of me. He looked at me as if he were chuckling at the "stupid human" and started to dribble the soccer ball away from the other dogs. He was lightning fast and would cut off the other dogs as he steered the ball all around them!As I picked myself up off the floor, after all the little stars stopped circling my head, I watched as he darted around the dogs dribbling the ball the whole time. WOW! He was quick too! I would definitely want him on my team if I were to pick one.A few days later the two black eyes and swollen nose were very apparent. I was too embarrassed to explain how it happened and made up some cockamamie story about horseback riding. I still believe that he was snickering at me, and I was very glad that dogs don't talk. He would have ratted me out!

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I was a teenager when we got Saber. He was a wolf x shepherd. He was huge. His previous owners could not handle him. He was an escape artist and a garbage raider. My dad thought it would be a deterrent for burglars to have this huge dog. He was intimidating! He and I struck a bond immediately. I felt so bad for him that he had had it so rough. I treated him like a little kid. I would call him onto my bed to cuddle under my housecoat with me. Let me say, he was a blanket hog, but he settled right down and would fall asleep. He snored. LOUD! What a love! I would take him for drives in my car. I had a Mazda RX3 at the time. I would have to recline the front seat all the way for him to have enough room to sit. His nose would be up against the windshield! It definitely made people take a second look. I worked at McDonalds at the time, like most teens, and would bring home the cookies after my shift. I kept them on my nightstand and would munch on them as I did my homework. Well, one day I came home from school and got right to my homework. I reached for a box of cookies and it was so LIGHT! The tab on the end was closed, just the way I left it, but it was EMPTY! How could that be? Maybe I didn't throw out the empty box when I was finished. So I just opened another box.This exact same thing happened again! I just didn't believe that I would have forgotten to throw an empty box out again! I couldn't figure this out.A few weeks later, I came home early from work and walked into my room only to catch Sabre eating the cookies! He had opened the box, was holding it between his front paws and would stick his tongue into the box and bring out a cookie! Just like an anteater! How could I get angry? He looked SO funny! I learned that nothing was safe from Sabre and everything needed to be put into a drawer or cabinet if I intended to keep it for myself.Boy, did I love that dog!!

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Tiffany - Belgian Turveren

Best dog ever. Being a shepherd she would herd my kids in the back yard by bumping them lightly on the back. She loved to chase flies and bubbles. We got our son a Bubble Mower for his birthday and the dog, in her athleticism broke her front leg trying to catch bubbles. We had the vet replace the cast 3 times because she was so intent on chasing bubbles and flies. The bubbles, we stopped. The flies, well, they were inevitable. Tiff would see if there were any flies to chase in the yard and if none were to be found she would "go poo" just to have them attracted to our yard! We loved her so much. We still talk about her, and that keeps her alive in our hearts.

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Queenie - Timid, Shy, and howled at sirens.

Queenie was a white German Shepherd who was kept in a mucky back yard with a leash suspended from a clothesline. We rescued her when I was around 9 years old. She didn't know anything about being a family member.I had to teach her how to navigate stairs, how to drink from a water dish, and that the dish would never be empty. She did not trust men and howled when a firetruck or ambulance would drive by. We had a special bond and she would not bark at anything. Years of desensitizing and reassurance made her a much calmer more balanced dog. She was a very quiet, sweet dog, with a temperament of an angel. Maybe that was why she was white. She was also a cake eater. She ate three quarters of my sister's birthday cake that was left out on the counter. I thought it was the funniest thing ever. My sister, not so much. HE HE HE

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