Your Dog's Den In Your Den?



>>A crate is a great management tool and great housetraining tool. The crate should have safe toys that the dog finds interesting and should not be viewed as a form of punishment. Crate training can help to solve a number of behavior problems including separation anxiety, house soiling, chewing and wild house behavior. The crate is used for times when you are away or when you are unable to supervise the dog.

The dog should have enough room to stand up and turn around comfortably in the crate with the door closed. There are two main types of crates. The airline type of crate that is typically a solid plastic construction with wire vents on the sides and a wire door. Wire crates have wire construction on all four sides and the top with a wire door on the front. The same rule applies for sizing this type of crate for your dog.

Dogs are natural den animals and the crate simulates the close effect of the den. This is often soothing to the dog a allows them to feel safe in the crate. It is also a place that should be regarded as their private space. If a stranger were in your house and the dog was uncomfortable, you may find that they will retreat to the crate. In this case you would tell the company that the dog is in his own space and not to invade.

Some people are of the opinion that this is cruel. They feel that the dog is safer when he can roam the house freely. This is not the case! It is equivalent to leaving a 2 year old unsupervised in your home. It only takes one time for the dog to be injured or become sick by chewing something like a wire or getting a piece of something stuck in their throat and choking. If there were a fire, the rescuers would know exactly where to find your dog if you are not home. The dog would not be able to cower in a corner or closet and could be rescued sooner.

Metal Wire Crate Plastic or Travel Crate

We all want our dogs to be safe and comfortable, don't we?

Have you seen all of the different types of beds for dogs? There are orthopedic beds, cave type beds, fuzzy, soft, cushy, durable, colorful etc..... The choices seem endless.

The general rule of thumb is that your dog can lie down on something that he fits on (no elbows or bums hanging off) and feel secure and comfortable.

As with Goldilocks you want a place for your dog that is JUST RIGHT. Back in the Leadership Rules you will remember that you need to assign a place for your dog. This can be close to you, or you can even have a bed for your dog in every room that you go into. A little excessive maybe, but your dog will always be comfortable where ever you are in the home.

Have fun while you are shopping around for dog beds. Laugh at the different colors and even some of the more extravagant beds that are available to us DOG LOVERS!

Soft Dog Beds Round Formed Bed

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